"What hath night to do with sleep?"

- John Milton

Jessica Joby


The Story

It was a very special night.

I was at your rich ass best friend's party when I first saw you from the corner of my eye. I had shades on so you probably had no idea how gazed I was from your vibe. You came up to me and asked if I wanted to dance with you. Obviously, I had to put up a show of not giving any fucks so I said maybe some other time. Your eyes reflected instant pain and guilt of rejection as you moved off to another girl up there drunk enough to not recognize what colour your beautiful blue eyes were and so I let you allow my punishment to go on. I gulped the next drink I found on the bar counter feeling you drift away from me. 

I've never been this jealous ever still I worked up my ass to act like he never for twice crossed my mind. You stared deep into my eyes while moving to your cheesy girl fans up there like you didn't mind at all but there was a vibe you gave out that didn't piss me off even while you almost kissed one of the bitch's cheek while whispering something into her absurd ear. The way you held your body stern still managing to sway your body like you were meant to dance all your way throughout life had caught my eyes on fire. I can't even lie about how hot you seemed to me even after the prick trick you used up there to get my attention. I never knew when my eyes gave up hiding the pain you had induced in me. Tears trolled my existence while life mocked my presence. 

He heads straight to my direction. I had never felt so numb and betrayed by a guy I never knew ever existed. It made me feel so weak yet idiotic. He took off my glasses and read what my eyes screamed at him. "I love you and I know you do too. Let’s stop this madness and get somewhere aloof."  

He held my hands as if he always knew how delicate and broken, I was. Our hips swished to the music's tune while time just stepped back let itself go unnoticed. I had given in my pride and I knew it was all worth it. I've never looked back ever since. He left me to my place safely while I was too drunk to even know his name. Gratefully he left his name and number in my purse. It was a night I'd forever cherish; a very special one.


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Sarthak Sharma

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