“Genius is sometimes knowing when to stop”

- Charles de Gaulle

Yash Chandak


The Story

We often see in our lives that people crave power. Well, people not only crave power, they fear power. It is like a food pyramid in animals, the lower part of the pyramid fears all the above, then comes the one in middle, then on the top, when you are on the top, you can eat whatever you like. Similarly, at any location of the pyramid, the one below is dominated and the one above is feared. Power has a strong similarity, as when you possess the power, you can dominate anyone who has less power, but you cant overpower someone who has greater authority. 

Funny thing is, we all subconsciously want power, over insignificant things too, we like to command. Let’s take an example when you get authority, you feel confident, you feel strong, you feel like you can do anything with it, but when you are slaved by an authority, which is much larger than yours, you feel bad, you feel jealous & most importantly you feel sad as you can’t do anything about it. 

The people who give up their authority willingly are followed & loved but when someone asks you to step down, you don’t want to lose that power. The issue here is we don’t want to feel powerless, we like to boss around, but mostly, I think we crave power because the people under your authority have to respect you, they have to follow you, no matter what, this opens up you to be you, this explains why some people perform exceptionally well when they are in charge. 

From ancient times, people tend to be followers rather than leaders, so when a great amount of power comes in someone who hasn’t experienced it before he or she gets baffled, gets excited and messes up, which in turn makes everyone hate him, which in turn makes him hate everyone and ultimately he decides to use the power for his own benefit. But when this power is in the hand of someone who thinks and speaks for the masses, it does wonders, people love to follow him, in turn, people make him more powerful, which in turn makes him want to benefit the people more, which in turn makes him more powerful. 

Everything here follows a loop, which is good and bad at the same time. When the loop fails, it is too difficult to start a new one, but when it succeeds, the person in it stops working hard, which ultimately ruins the good in the loop. A genius French army officer, Charles de Gaulle once said, “Genius is sometimes knowing when to stop”, which means when you feel tired of the loop, break it, don’t linger around too much.


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Priyanka borwanker

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