"Things end but memories last forever"

- Anonymous

Krishna Seth


The Story

It is rarely talked about but I want to talk about it. Whenever you will ask for advice, they will ask you to let it go as if it is so easy. I want to talk about the efforts it takes to let someone go. It takes every piece of us to decide that we are going to give up on the person we love the most. I will not talk about the situations that lead a relationship to its end. It is scary to even imagine living a life that we had dreamt of living with that someone. It is so difficult to imagine life without that person. These are the situations of a dilemma when you don't see clearly what is right for you. 

Sometimes, we don't get the chance to choose. We are left with no choice. They leave us in the middle of nowhere. This is when we hear from everyone to stop worrying and just let it go. "Take a deep breath, and let it go." As if we don't know it already. But what about the heart that is bleeding. What about the memories that are haunting us every night. What about the broken dreams. 

It takes years of pain. Missing them becomes a part of our lives. It hurts. It is a gradual process. It is easier said than done. Forgiving is easy, forgetting isn't. We can do everything that is in our hands. We can stop stalking them, we can stop looking at their pictures, we can delete the number and chats. But the heart wants what it wants. We cannot stop ourselves from missing them in the middle of the night. We cannot stop ourselves from dreaming about the time when everything was alright. 

Only hope helps us at that time. Only the belief in ourselves. I agree that it is not easy, but it is not impossible. And just because it is tough, it doesn't become a bad choice. You took the right steps. You can do it. You are not alone. I am always with you. My heart goes to you. Trust yourself. 


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