Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.

- Le Corbusier

Ananya Goel


The Story

When I was in the 6th standard I went with my family on a trip to Jaipur. Though I was way too young to understand the historical importance of places we visited, the one thing that left me awestruck was the great palaces and their beautiful facades. The iconic Rajputana style , the rich heritage and the vibrant culture at that age made a huge impact on me. It was embedded into my mind and I just had to dig deeper and learn more. I always had the ardent wish to keep visiting Jaipur again and again but it could not happen.
When I grew up and it was time to make decisions. I had an inclination towards Architecture and wanted to pursue it as a career. I was supported immensely by my parents for this decision.
Luckily the little girl’s wish came true and she landed a college in Jaipur itself. This was just the start of a very important phase of life for her.
The world of architecture was a whole new world for me. It was phenomenal. After doing architecture I never viewed a structure or an edifice in the same way again. Here are some changes in your life after you take architecture:
• After doing architecture a building is never just a building . The whole evaluation and inspection goes through our minds when we look at it. We shed the layman’s view of the building and discover a new perspective.
• As an architect your perspective should never be vague or pointless because that’s what the
profession is all about.
• Your problem solving abilities increase manifolds as you have to think in a thousand different ways to solve the problem.
• Another effect of thinking from the point of view of an architect is that it pushes you to think out of the box. A layman is just not able to think so much because as architects we are trained to look into every nook and corner of the problem before us.
• While looking at a building it is inevitable to not look into the intricacies of built structure, the detailed facades, the distinct views and all that helps an architect look into a building as a whole.
• While scrutinizing a building, a need for documentation arises which helps one explore the different angles and gradients of the building. Thus one boosts their observational skills and keenly pay heed to every noticeable detail.
• Establishing a relationship with the building is also something which is inculcated into the mind of an architect to design a building such that it is comfortable , functional and stylish and at the same time fulfilling the obligations of the user.
• Every structure has to be designed keeping in mind the needs of a special group of users so that the structure can be used to its fullest. If the building is lavish and beautiful yet it is not functional it is of no use and is just a huge waste of resources.
• It is said that architects are no less than magicians and this statement is totally true! . It takes a lot of effort to make every little thing in the building work and it requires dedication not only on the part of the architect but also all the technicians who work day and night to make everything work.
• Architects are indulged in designing a building right from scratch, from deciding the material used in construction to the landscaping outside the building. We are involved in every major or minor decision regarding the building. It is just like watching a child grow up. The feeling is irreplaceable.

Architecture, like everything, has it’s set of cons too. The 5 years architecture course is definitely a complex endeavor. Working tirelessly day and night is a regular part of the routine of an architecture student. But in the end, what matters is the takeaway one gets as the result of all this hard work which makes one scorn at all the disadvantages and makes it all worth it.


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Suzana John

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