“Our industry does not respect tradition, it only respects innovation”.

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Snehal Patil


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 Gone are the days, when conventional businesses were sought for and 9 to 6 jobs were normalcy. These are the times for innovation, courage and they favor the fearless minds. The startup culture has evolved rapidly over the last few years. India experienced its startup revolution after the 2008 global recession and since then we have broken the shackles of mediocrity and risen above to become the second-largest startup ecosystem in the world.

The entrepreneurial mindset and the urge to make our lives better is transforming the world like never before. The cab-hailing companies like Ola and Uber have transformed the mobility culture globally. With a push of button one can travel with convenience, safety and, reliability. It reduced the needs of people to own their vehicles and generated a huge amount of employment and led to the disruption of the automobile industry. These ventures have made people more accepting of online services. This is the power of a successful startup. 

The fact that startups often fail and only 2% of them make it to success is very well known. To be one of the few, one must execute the right idea, in the right direction and at the right time. What differentiates a successful startup from conventional businesses is its ability to innovate, rapidly digest failure and make an audacious bid to transform according to the best interests of consumers. The Covid-19 crisis has made the economy cripple and has exposed the broken system. The world is confined to their rooms and forced to get accustomed to the digitized platforms. But the content-generating companies, the online gaming sites, the video conferencing apps, the insurance startups, digital payment sectors and, many more like them have proved that the crisis was just a catalyst for them.

The youth today is bold in their choices and fearless of taking risks. The government of India is extending all forms of financial support. Our honorable prime minister addressed the country for its urge to become ‘Atmanirbhar’ which means to become self-reliant and that’s what startups stand for. With unemployment all around they will help people get back to work. It will reduce the imports and allow the Indian companies to bloom and get the economy stabilized. 

With digital advancements, a large number of work tasks could be carried out by machines and that will bleed out on the jobs for humans but it will also lead to the inception of entirely new industries. So the idea here is to keep abreast of the developing careers and encourage self-employment and entrepreneurship among the youth.

Startups are the need of the modern world and we need more job providers than job seekers. With this rapidly innovating world, more and more people are taking up entrepreneurship which is leading to expeditious development.

But with all this let’s not forget our duty towards our community, our nation and the world all around. Our venture should be inspired to solve the challenges faced by the under-privileged and should contribute to sustainable development.

There’s an ocean of opportunities out there, one just needs to dive into it.

Are you ready to take over the world?

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