“Astrology is one of the oldest and most accurate tools known to mankind.”

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Science or Myth?


Astrology – the ancient Hindu practice for making predictions – has seen its fair share of support and criticism. The staunch believers remodel their whole lives to appease fate while the disbelievers scoff and go looking for loopholes. But how many of us have tried to look at it with an open mind and examine the subtle nuances of this practice for what they are? Astrology goes beyond the weekly horoscopes and Godmen predictions. In this article, I will try to explore some of its major aspects.

Nine celestial bodies form the core of Astrology. Along with constellations and birth conditions, these bodies are considered the most influential in determining our fate and life’s journey. The nine celestial bodies, or “Nava Graha” as the Ancient Hindus called them, include – Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Brihaspati (Jupiter), Rahu, Budha (Mercury), Shukra (Venus), Ketu, Shani (Saturn) and Mangal (Mars).

  • Surya is associated with our energy

  • Chandra connects with our emotions

  • Brihaspati ties to our “Dharma” (righteousness)

  • Rahu is the celestial body held responsible for the eclipse. It is termed as the destroyer i.e. it “eats up” the good things.

  • Budha is associated with intelligence

  • Shukra represents luxury and pleasure

  • Ketu is a lunar node that is associated with intelligence and detachment

  • Shani ties to our “Karma” (actions and deeds)

  • Mangal is associated with strength and anger

These celestial bodies influence a person’s “kundali”. Whenever you run into some sort of trouble, astrology relates it to trouble with one of these Grahas which is bearing ill-effects on your kundali. A kundali, also known as the birth chart or horoscope, is an astrological diagram sketched using a person’s date, time and place of birth. Kundalis are extensively used for predicting one’s future. To understand this concept better, let us look at some of the “yogas” in a kundali.

  1. Gaja Keshari Yoga

This is the most powerful and positive yoga in the birth chart. It is established when Chandra and Brihaspati are “kendrasta” i.e. when the moon and Jupiter are in conjugation. If you observe the previous associations of the celestial bodies with aspects of our life, you would realize that this yoga makes the connection between our emotions and our dharma. What it means is that if our emotional temperament is backed with righteousness, it implies that we are probably on the right path. As long as we are dedicated to our work, we will find ways to excel in it. Lord Rama had this yoga in his kundali and he serves as the perfect example of a calm and righteous temperament.


  1. Guru Chandal Yoga

On the other end of the spectrum we have the Guru Chandal yoga, the most negative one. It is established when Rahu and Brihaspati are in conjugation. Rahu is responsible for bringing eclipses – it is termed as the destroyer. When such an energy influences a person’s dharma, that person can no longer differentiate between right and wrong. These lose their ethical ground and are more likely to follow the wrong path in life. Their dharma would be corrupted.


  1. Ketu with any Graha

Ketu acts as an accelerant with any graha you pair it with; it compounds their effect. Ketu represents intelligence and detachment. We all have seen multiple incidents in our lives when our emotional attachments with a situation have made things worse. Mastering the art of letting go is indeed crucial to a peaceful life.


  1. Shani

Shani inspires fear like no other. It places immense emphasis on “karsha” – the process of karma and “karma phal”. There is no reason to fear Shani if your actions are guided by morals and ethics. History has innumerable examples of Shani proving beneficial for Gurus, all of whose actions come from a heart of morality.

Astrology, despite all the bad press it gets, is an integral part of Hindu culture. Matching birth charts is a common practice before matching people for marriage. Many Godmen profit off astrology by making fake predictions and suggesting bogus remedies. They conjure up negative yogas in birth charts and swindle the ignorant. Some go as far as raping women under the guise of “curing the evil yogas”.

Blind faith and material appeasement do not fix yogas. Carrying out good deeds with a genuine moral backing is what rakes up good karma. The positive energy that one gets from selfless charity can help you overcome any problem in life. This was also the reason behind the concept of “offering” at temples. By sacrificing a small part of our daily meals, we can ensure the less fortunate never have to go hungry.

To apply astrology in its untainted form in our daily lives, one just needs to be aware of their weak planets. Then by way of our good deeds, we can nullify their negative effects by providing matter to our positive energy. At the end of the day, your life is in your hands. You have all the control. Nothing any astrologer or Godman says can change the genuine dedication and hard work you put into your work. Instead of blindly following the cures suggested, always analyze if they have any moral backing. The truth is always hidden under infinite myths, it is up to you to find it.


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Shreya Sahni

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