heard that voice many times in the last

- ― Jeffrey Archer, Kane and Abel

Mukul Joshi


The Story

Author – Jeffrey Archer

Tone – Sincere, pragmatic

Alternate Title – Duel of the Fates


This is a story of two men whose fates have been intertwined from the moment they were brought into this world, and much like the story of their namesakes ‘Cain and Abel’ from the Book of Genesis, their interactions lead to a duel that almost destroys everything dear to them.

Baron Abel Rosnovski, originally named Wladek Koskiewicz, is born in abject poverty in Pre- World War I Poland. An illegitimate child of the Baron of the Country, Baron Rosnovski, he grows up in a cottage owned by a labourer that worked on Baron’s land. He later moves to Baron’s castle and stays there till the war breaks, following the results of which, he ends up on a ship to the New World, i.e. America. He becomes a symbol of the American dream after the successes he reaps despite the never-ending hardship. Starting out as a simple waiter, he goes on to become the owner of a leading hotel enterprise, the Baron Group. On his journey he meets banker William Kane, whom he holds responsible for the unfortunate suicide of his friend, David Leroy. What follows is a story with many twists and turns, culminating in a shocking revelation.

Author Jeffrey Archer does a fantastic job in this well-researched book, where not one fact about history, contemporary fashion, food, or styles is out of place. He sketches his characters beautifully, and does not lose sight of the human nature of Cain and Abel from the parable. His characters are flawed, and in the end, only human.


Edited By :

Suzana John

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