“The things you own end up owning you. It's only after you lose everything that you're free to do anything.”

- Chuck Palahniuk

Arghyadeep Dhar


The Story

It’s been 3 years here in Bangalore and I have seen it becoming one of the Suicide Capitals of India. A significantly considerable part of them were engineers: engineers with troubled marriages, broken hearts, blueprints of their unfinished script, ruined wishes to write a book of poems, undetected mental illnesses and so on. They sometimes don’t sleep at night to see the shadow of cobalt blue sky overwhelm the city and then they go to their office after the sunrise. 

Let me talk about the dreamers among them. All of them have been smothered by their dreams to death and went to their workplace. All of them said-“I am all good” whenever someone asked-“Hey!! What is up?”. They were with everyone at parties and drank Vodka shots. They presented PPTs, found the ‘Memory Leakage’ in codes and they came back to their flat alone crossing the halogen lights, yellow taxis, paan shop and the normal people. They don’t know where are they heading towards. 

So they end up going to their flat. Wise men said that the reality is a deception: the greatest dream that mankind ever dreamt and the greatest lies ever told. So if following dreams in this world is all about dreaming within a dream, if it was all about an abstract concept called our ‘consciousness’ who is watching our reality, dreams and the blankness of deep sleep like a film, then why do people kill their dreams like a fool? Why are their medicine cabinets full of lithium, mood stabilizers and anti-depressants? Why are there so many ‘Tambourine Men’ selling drugs and girls to the frustrated crowd? Why do they go to buy Nylon ropes or shaving blades not for their actual purpose? 

Well, all this started when a Big Bang happened and after an eternity a small planet was created from a very small star of this universe. After that, a creature called a man was created out of some elementary elements of our ‘periodic table’. Man learned how to talk and started giving names. He named a hard greyish (usually) object as ‘rock’ and renamed some ‘rocks’ as ‘god’. Some chunk of Copper and patch of ‘paper’ was renamed as ‘money’. He became obsessed with those renamed ‘objects’ .That is how all these things started-Wars, Discrimination, Hunger and overeating,Whore houses, and cocktail of materialistic religion with bad politics. 

Sometimes I just look at the skyscraper offices laminated with glass sheets and think why do they look like tombstones where genius brains of a third world country are working for a rich country just for a small amount of money in exchange for the cold comfort. This city, this steel civilization is made upon the graveyard of broken dreams, hunger, untold stories, unfinished songs and rotten flesh of genius people. 

Sometimes I walk through the crowd of this city, think that is there enough amount of marijuana and nicotine in this city to give this young generation a good amount of pleasure. and see two young engineers to smoke cigarettes in their lunch break. They talk like this: 

-What are you doing this weekend? 

-Netflix and chill. 

-What about a beer party? 

-Why not Whisky, Rum or Gin? 

-No problem. Just come. 

-Ok, I will. This time you buy the liquor and I will buy the cigarettes. 

-I was thinking to quit smoking. 

-It is easy, I have done it hundreds of times. 

-It is not funny, I try every time but start again after one week. 

-Then don’t give up. Try cigarettes with long filter. They are costly but the chance of cancer will reduce. 

I don’t like the smell of nicotine anymore. 

But what will happen to the young generation? When are they going to realize that any amount of pleasure cannot be summed up to joy because pleasure is just a shadow of joy and piled up penumbras of any amount can’t form a real object?


Edited By :

Priyanka borwanker

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