You are unique, with a unique talent and a unique purpose. We want to bring out the best in you. Our insightful blogs are written so that you can make the best use out of your college life.

We believe that college is not just about academics, but is also a platform to build your persona. Read, learn and understand how you can reap the most out of college based on actual experiences.


We are a group of young diverse individuals who believe that academics isn’t the crux of college life. With the help of our upfront blogs, we hope to help you understand how you can develop yourself in college with different opportunities that are sometimes hidden in plain sight. We aim to educate you on the various fields that you can pursue throughout your life.

CollegeTime Blogs

a fatal sensation

All I know about truth is: it is a noun and nothing else. Truth is a very sophisticated

  • 31 Jul 2020

  • Arghyadeep Dhar

dealing with loneliness

Loneliness,  an emotion which we all have encountered at least once in our lives.

  • 29 Jul 2020

  • Yash Chandak

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